Easy to erase. Impossible to recover.

Wiperapp is an extraordinarily simple solution for the companies erasing data in bulk quantities, the ones caring about compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

The advanced data erasing techniques, compliant with the strictest regulations and the solutions brought to the patent offices are the basis of Wiperapp software- the only real alternative in irreversible data erasure. The software operates on all available HDD and SSD disks. The currently available data erasure solutions significantly lower SSD media life. However, thanks to numerous years of testing, Wiperapp is fully safe for this type disks.
Safe SSD erasing
Most of the companies erase data with the overwriting method, however, it destroys SSD drives and it does not guarantee that the data has been removed completely. Wiperapp is fully prepared to operate on such disks and it does not reduce the lifetime of the SSD drives.
NIST Standard
Our application is based on the newest NIST standard - (in force since December 2014) which introduced an additional level of data erasure security - PURGE.


More about NIST

Innovative solutions
Our solutions were brought to the Patent Office. We have reported 3 Patent applications - the first one in March 2017, second in December 2017, and third in January 2018.

The full compliance with the latest NIST standard and comprehensive support for Clear and Purge erasure methods, guarantees compliance with GDPR and full security of the erased data. So far, no company working in professional data recovery was able to recover data from the media erased using our software.

Why us?
Thanks to NIST standard your data will be safely erased, without possibility of its later recovery.
Because of the technology used you can be absolutely sure that the data from the disk were entirely and irreversibly removed.
Thanks to safe data removal you will be able to bring the disk back to the market.
Our program enables obtaining the specification of the hardware. It also informs, whether the disk is functional.
Your customers can trust you. They know their data is properly protected.
50 million tons of electric waste ends up in a landfill each year. By using Wiperapp you do not extend this problem.